beck holladay
editorial model and cheeseburger aficionado. instagram: @mickeypancake or for booking: dressing like a boy and having the biggest hair. current city: PDX.


Photos Allyce Andrews

Anonymous asked: You are absolutely stunning in every photo you take so I was wondering if you have a daily skin care routine to stay so beautiful??

thanks very much xx everything i use on my face is from LUSH, pretty much anything you get from them will work like a charm

Anonymous asked: I'm not sure how long ago the post was but if we buy Salty now will we get a letter from you? It would be so amazing!! :~)

You absolutely WILL. Every bottle comes with a handwritten thank you note from me.




liphipkiss asked: So I really want to purchase salty. But does it work on long hair?

it’s amazing in long hair. it’ll give you a lot of wave and volume, but it’s not sticky or hard like hair spray. plus it smells fucking amazing.